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The Branding Besties are expanding globally, assisting businesses with branding, marketing, visuals, and generating significant revenue. Join us at the Pool Party Pop-Up Market for an exclusive opportunity to have your business interviewed, shopped, and filmed for the Black Wall Street Shopping Network. Throughout the event, businesses will partake in branding activities, shopping games, spending games, and receive hourly business blessings. Don't miss out on this immersive and rewarding experience.

Choose your Pool Party Access:

  • General Admission - Includes Pool Party Access

  • V.I.P. Admission - Includes (1) V.I.P. Seating, Express Vendor Access, Food & Drink Ticket

  • General Vendor - Includes (2) General Admission, Vendor Space, and Food Ticket

  • V.I.P. Vendor - Includes (2) General Admission, Vendor Space, Food Ticket, TV Interview and Mini-Product Shoot

  • Swag Bag - Business cards, flyers, coupons distributed during the Pool Party and No Pool Party Access

Looking to advertise or market your business? Text "Advertise Me" to 770-758-8991 or 770-988-7577!
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