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Master Collaboration KEKE & USHER Reunite in 'BOYFRIEND' Latest Music Video!

They put the twist on this one. Love it!! Check out Usher's latest music video featuring Keke Palmer. This is the best response I've seen in years. LOL!!

Usher's "Boyfriend" music video featuring Keke Palmer has been released. The video showcases the stars preparing for a night out in Vegas, including a dance break and Palmer singing parts of "U Remind Me." Palmer expressed her admiration for Usher on Instagram, reminiscing about auditioning for "In The Mix" at the age of 12 and praising his talent and craftsmanship. She thanked him for seeing her as an entertainer and making her dream come true. The video also includes a skit where Palmer humorously addresses the internet controversy and jokingly mentions being tired as a mother.

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